Shades Of Phoenix is a one-woman run business that consists of Australian owned and made 3-Free (No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde) hand-blended nail polish and nail care items. Currently doing local markets with other nail polish products such as hair accessories, jewellery, shoes, etc all using resin pieces featuring the unique nail polish which will soon be available online.  

Shades Of Phoenix was launched in Australia on the 19th of January 2013. And soon after launched internationally with worldwide shipping stockists: Mei Mei Signature's and Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Which has been a huge achievement and very exciting - with dreams of becoming even bigger. 

The goal of the brand is to bring a top quality hand-made product to our customers with friendly, helpful and personal customer service. 


My name is Teneil, I'm a 27 years old and love nail polish. My obsession started when I was diagnosed with a spinal injury and was recovering from spinal surgery - I needed something to occupy myself with and nail art became my daily outlet. As I got better and was on my way to recovery I started to branch out and got interested in the world of Indie Polishes - it all began from there. 

I personally mix, pour, bottle, label, box and package ever bottle of polish myself with the occasional help from my husband and under the supervision from our two cats. I now have a 'polish room' dedicated to my passion. 


Shades Of Phoenix the brand name was developed while on holidays visiting my family. We spent days making lists of ideas - with my mother throwing words like: sparkle, glitz and other polish related words that just didn't suit me. So I went back to one of my other loves. My Cat! Yes I am the creepy cat lady. My cats name whom I also named after a life long obsession was always on my mind. Phoenix. I have been obsessed with the legend of the Phoenix bird from as long as I can remember - which is why when I was 18 years  old I named my cat, Phoenix. When it came to developing a business and brand name, having the word Phoenix in it was a must.


Where do we go from here? I have alot on my Shades Of Phoenix bucket list that I want to achieve. I also have a long list of polish idea's still to come. I am hoping that the business and brand will continue to grow and expand with more people falling in love with my polishes as I have falling in love with them. I am so grateful for the support the brand has achieved over the months. it has really blown me away!